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What's the plan? The plan is to build a KLEE mk2 sequencer. fortunatley Scott Stites decided to offer a set of PCBs for this project. As soon as they arrived i will document the progress.

the frontpanel is ordered allready, the sliders are from futurlec and are waiting in the drawer. (9 SEP 07)

have had no time to update this site! sorry. yesterday i almost finished the sequencer. powered it up and it's running. will have to wire the scale selector and install the midi2clock converter i built (Marc Barreille's design). here are the first pics. (24 APR 08) everything is working quite fine, now. i eventually implemented marc bareilles MC626 MIDI2Clock converter. now the klee is running in perfect sync with my cubase and ableton. i finally spended the klee a linear PSU i built from ken stones circuit (CGS). i am very happy with this pattern generator, have lots of fun. here are some more pics. (16 SEP 08)
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last update 16 SEP 08