Scott Stites KLEE 2 Sequencer
This page is dedicated to the KLEE2 i plan to build. It's a supercool project and there is even a set of PCBs available soon. Check out the electro-music forum for further information:
This project is still in progress so schematics and/or frontpanel design may be amended as long as you see this words! You can build it the way the current schematics suggest.
The following schematics are from scott stites revision 3 and offer different scaler and output options to choose from.
Output Option 2
The 'Enhanced' output has two unique output for each Klee voltage. The extra outputs are tapped before the slew circuit, so that there is an unmodified, and a 'slewable' version for each of the outputs (A, B and A+B).
Paul Klee:
Der Paukenspieler
scaler v1?scaler v2?scaler v3?
cv output v1gate bus?cv output v2
cv output v3
merge function off for both busses
one bit active in register
merge function on for both busses
one bit active in register
It will look like this.
his site...frontpanel designconstructionschematics
know the klee (manual)Glossary (mnemonic table)?schematics rev 3
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